18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

October 30, 2020

Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the distinguished countries in terms of the production of ayurvedic herbs. Here, one can discover a great variety of quality-rich medicinal herbs. It is widely known for the abundant reserves of medicinal plants. They are grown on high levels as the country strives to conduct mega levels of import and export of medicinal herbs. Ayurveda is one of the most excellent prospects in terms of health and wellness. Here is a List Of Herbs Found In Sri Lanka

  1. Turmeric
  2. Saffron 
  3. Toothache plant
  4. Spikenard or Jatamansa 
  5. Cinnamon
  6. Evolvulus alsinoides
  7. Cardamom
  8. Coriander
  9. Black Pepper
  10. Fenugreek seeds
  11. Stereospermum suaveolens
  12. Cloves
  13. Ginger
  14. Saraca Indica or Asoka
  15. Punica granatum
  16. Butea monosperma
  17. Woodfordia floribunda (Melitta)
  18. Chrysanthemum Indicum

The benefits which are procured by ayurvedic roots are indomitable and astounding. Ayurvedic treatments are much more reliable as compared to allopathic medicines and therapies. They impart no side effects or bitter harm to the users. Ayurvedic herbs are potentially a gleaming boon for the human race. 

Sri Lanka is a prosperous country as it is abundant in biodiversity. The diversity of flora and fauna in the country is impeccable. Sri Lanka is a famous spot to visit for tourists.

Nature is the most alluring thing here. One can experience the pure tranquility as biodiversity is at its finest here. The realm of productive ecosystems makes Sri Lanka the best travel destination for all the enthusiastic wanderers. Sri Lanka is home to more than 2000 medicinal herbs. The Ayurvedic and traditional medicine systems in Sri Lanka include- 

  • Siddha
  •  Unani
  • Ayurveda
  • Deshiya Chikitsa

They are primarily from the suburbs and in rural areas. The following are some of the finest Ayurvedic herbs that are predominantly present in Sri Lanka. 

List Of Herbs Found In Sri Lanka– In Detail


Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka 2 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Curcuma longa or turmeric is the nicest herb that is grown in Sri Lanka. The overall quality of Sri Lankan turmeric is terrific. It is small and gets grinds quite quickly. No one can deny the sheer potent which turmeric holds. Turmeric is a potential antimicrobial and antibacterial herb. It cures a wide range of human ailments. Curcumin content is appealingly high in the turmeric cultivated in the country.

Turmeric is one of the most advantageous spices. It owns the potential caliber of fighting with fatal diseases such as cancer. It imparts excellent value to users in terms of health. It aids to boost gut health, which incredibly increases the immunity of a person. The natural components of turmeric also prevent the formation of arthritis. The best use of turmeric is for diabetic patients as it controls the normal levels of blood sugar levels. Organic turmeric boosts natural insulin production.

Get the most out of your Sri Lanka trip. Purchase pure turmeric from here and explore the most exceptional benefits of pure roots of turmeric. The best organic turmeric is available in Sri Lanka. 


Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka 3 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Sri Lanka produces an excellent variety of saffron. The country is hugely known in Asia to produce the fine threads and powdery form of saffron spice. China and Sri Lanka produce saffron on mega levels. These countries have gained a remarkable name in the production market ayurvedic herb saffron. You can own the best variety and quality of saffron here. Sri Lanka is a promising traveling place because of organic and high-quality ayurvedic herbs, which are present here.

Saffron is one of the most delicious and beneficial medicinal herbs. It delivers an incredible number of advantages for human health. This herb is also known to improve eyesight. Saffron is known to acquire excellent anti-cancer properties. Saffron works as an outstanding spice that aids in the weight management process. It is a wondrous herb that assists people in asthma and bronchitis management. 

Saffron is an astounding herb for improving brain function. Get all the amazing benefits of organic saffron. Visit the extreme beauty of Sri Lanka and get the best quality of organic saffron from here. Sri Lanka produces excellent integrity of saffron. Here, you can have the most affordable and excellent saffron.  

Toothache plant

Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka4 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Sri Lanka cultivates more than 3771 flowering plants. One of the most outstanding and widely grown plants is the Toothache plant. This plant is one of the unusual plants grown here because of its great ayurvedic value. 

There are wide ranges of advantages which are powered by toothache plants. The plant is primarily used as an integral component in formulating traditional ayurvedic medicines. It exists with essential vitamins and minerals. Folic acid is one of the best constituents present in this plant. This plant has abundant antifungal and antimicrobial properties that aid human health to a great extent.

The best place where this ayurvedic herb is extensively grown is none other than Sri Lanka. You can get the whole raw plant from here or some important texture of this plant in the form of ayurvedic medicine. Buy whichever one as per your interest. Explore the best climate and get the benefits of nature in the way of ayurvedic herbs from the land of Sri Lanka.  The flower head of the toothache plant possess antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. One can also use the herb to disinfect open wounds and treating canker sores.

Spikenard or Jatamansa

Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka5 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Sri Lanka is a turf which comprises thousands of nurturing Ayurvedic herbs in its soul. Spikenard or Jatamansa is one of the rare yet highly advantageous plants discovered in the regions of Sri Lanka. This plant is majorly present in the intense Himalayan region. But the soil of Sri Lanka is fortunate enough to prosper this plant in its root. 

Jatamancin is the primary component in Spikenard or Jatamansa. This ayurvedic condiment works like magic for feting neurodegenerative disorders. The plant also possesses healing and soothing agents. The healing components of this herb will aid you to get rid of stress, tension and anxiety effortlessly. 

If you love to travel to Sri Lanka to unveil the sheer beauty of the place, here is one more reason to visit the site. Ayurvedic herbs ,which are grown here, are the most authentic and appealing ones. They are entirely organic and rich in value. No artificial fertilizer, pesticide or chemical is mixed into the agriculture method. Spikenard or Jatamansa thrive on a completely natural incentive in Sri Lanka. This is the prime reason for the prestige of Sri Lankan ayurvedic herbs. 


Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka6 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

The true cinnamon tree is regarded as one of the wealthiest resources of cinnamon. It is a prominent tree native to Sri Lanka. The origin and main evolution of real cinnamon trees have a basis in Sri Lanka only. The best species of cinnamon are present in regions- Matale, Matara, Belihuloya, Haputale, Kalutara, Horton plains, Ratnapura and the Sinharaja forest expanse.

If you ever travel to these places, then do not pass over without buying some authentic cinnamon from here. The cinnamon cultivated in these regions is highly valuable, and a significant portion of export takes place from these areas across the world. That is why do not miss any real-time chance to get substantial cinnamon from here.    

Here’s a video that showcases the collection and actual preparation of cinnamon in Sri Lanka.

Head to Matale, Haputale, Kandy, or the Sinharaja Forest Range to get your hands on some of the wondrous herb. The spice/herb is packed with antioxidants. Additionally, it cuts down the overall risk of heart issues. Cinnamon can be used in cooking desserts and it is also added to curries. It has a distinct fragrance. The herb tastes sweet and is added to a variety of desserts.

Evolvulus alsinoides

Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka7 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

A country like Sri Lanka, which has beautiful nature and rich diversity of natural herbs, is hard to discover. There are a considerable number of reasons to visit Sri Lanka, and no to do not attend. Evolvulus alsinoides is one of the most appealing ayurvedic herbs, which Sri Lanka cultivates. It is of high health importance as it protects humans from several health-related problems and diseases.

It has extensive uses for patients who are in a coma and are suffering from memory loss. Sri Lanka is an incredible and celebrated place in the prospects of ayurvedic herbs. Evolvulus alsinoides is one of the most robust herbs to discover, but the beauty of Sri Lanka’s nature owns it.

This Ayurvedic herb successfully treats severe diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, syphilis, and nervous system debility. If your health is suffering from any of these issues, then do render the usage of Sri Lanka. It can help you to a great extent to recover appropriately. 


Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka8 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Planning a tour to Sri Lanka, here is the best thing to get from there. Get some bulk of cardamom from the country as the finest ones are present here. You will get them in the most affordable price range. If you are crazy about spices, then Sri Lanka is undoubtedly the best place for you. The country will greet you with a wide range of spices. Elettaria cardamomum is known as one of the most expensive types in the same range of cardamom.

Guess what, you can get it from Sri Lanka at fair prices. The quality would be amazing, and price criteria are competitive too.Sri Lanka is known worldwide for producing quality rich cardamom oil, powder, and whole cardamom. Shop the exclusive varieties of the “queen of spices” from Sri Lanka whenever you get there. 


Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka9 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Coriander is also primarily produced in Sri Lanka. Ancient mariners were the first ones to cultivate this herb in the country. And since then, there seems to be no going back for Sri Lanka in the prospects of agriculture of coriander. 

Coriander is one of the most beneficial herbs. It helps to aid and manage the problems related to digestion. It is a quick immunity booster for our health. Coriander also balances the high and low blood sugar levels in our body. The list of advantages delivered by coriander is endless. When you have grasped the importance of this fantastic herb, add it in your diet and improve your health. When you organize any trip to Sri Lanka, then don’t miss a chance to get raw coriander powder from there. It is most famous there, and the powder will prove a worthy addition to your health. 

Black Pepper

Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka10 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

The king of spices is grown on large orders in Sri Lanka. The country extraordinarily serves the spice lovers with the production of excellent black pepper. Black pepper, which is processed here, has a rich content of piperine.

It is an integral constituent of black peppers. The flawless procedure of cultivation and integrity of soil enriches the thickness of piperine in the composition of pepper. The soil of Sri Lanka is rich in all the essential minerals, and it is quite porous and fertile. All these factors bestow a massive range in the excellent production of black pepper. 

The terroir of Sri Lanka is appropriately rich in the context of value of minerals. It contributes primarily to cultivate the excellent quality of black pepper. Ceylon proper is the most popular type of pepper to get from Sri Lanka. Mark these words, and when you get the opportunity to visit Sri Lanka. Do get organic and authentic Ceylon pepper for yourself.  

Fenugreek seeds

Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka11 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Sri Lanka is the wealthiest country in the powers of natural wealth. It produces a good lot of a wide array of medicinal herbs. The quality and organic prospects of Sri Lankan ayurvedic herbs are stupendous. Fenugreek seeds are of utmost importance. They balance the kidney and liver health. These seeds are also suitable for managing productive metabolism in the body. Although fenugreek seeds are readily available in any marketplace, it is quite challenging to find organic and natural ones.

 Fortunately, Sri Lanka produces pure fenugreek seeds, which are entirely credible and excellent to buy. Fenugreek seed curry is one of the most famous meals in Sri Lanka. Devour the rich taste of the dish and also have some natural fenugreek seeds from your Sri Lankan trip. 

Stereospermum suaveolens

Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka12 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Stereospermum suaveolens is an ayurvedic herb that is native to the roots of Sri Lanka. The country is blessed to own such a rare species of ayurvedic plants in its origins. This plant does not hold any edible parts. But still, it is one of the essential remedial herbs. This plant is of supreme importance in many Ayurvedic medicines. It is known prominently for maintaining a perfect equilibrium between Vata, Kapha, and Dosha of our body. 

There are various benefits of Stereospermum suaveolens, which increases the importance of this ayurvedic herb to a whole new extent. This plant has established benchmarks in the treatment of fever, gastritis, and severe cases of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is one of the common diseases which is rapidly widening its roots due to a degrading lifestyle. If you want something useful and natural to manage this kind of diabetes, then resort to this organic herb without any worry. You will witness plausible results in no time. The best place to get some natural forms of this ayurvedic herb is Sri Lanka. 


Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka13 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Sri Lanka is a flourishing country in the arena of producing beautiful cloves. It produces 7618ha finely and distributes them in domestic as well as international channels. World’s oldest cloves are also present at one of the prominent sites in Sri Lanka. The quality of clove oil is also reasonably accessible in Sri Lanka. 

Traveling to Sri Lanka is filled with crazy adventures and gorgeous sightseeing. Add one more glorifying addition to that list- shopping of ayurvedic herbs. This place is beautiful in the expanse of nature and raw wealth. Unveil the finest ayurvedic herbs here. Your trip will be more worthy when you explore the diverse range of healing herbs available in the country. 


Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka14 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Sri Lanka is widely popular across the globe for producing fantastic quality ayurvedic and therapeutic herbs. Among medicinal herbs, ginger finds its position among the top ones. Ginger is an essential ayurvedic herb as it holds proficiency in treating various ailments of human beings. The taste, texture, and aroma of ginger produced in Sri Lankan yards are entirely satisfying in the taste and quality criteria.

The ginger procured from the agricultural farms of Sri Lanka beats the ginger produced in various other countries. The pivotal reason is the highly alluvial fertile land in Sri Lanka. It is known to preserve and maintain vital areas of ecosystems in the most sustainable manner. That is why the soil found here is rich in the composition of fertility criteria and the content of minerals. The rhizome is small, and the fruit part is fleshy, which makes the ginger more fulfilling in quality. 

Ginger is used to treat sore throat. Mix ginger juice (freshly squeezed) with honey and drink it. It will cure sore throat in no time. Boiling water with ginger and drinking it in the morning can help in reducing weight.

Saraca Indica or Asoka

Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka15 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Traveling is undoubtedly fun and thrilling. Some travel for leisure purposes while others wish to relax. When in Sri Lanka, explore the variety of herbs available on the island. One can make the travel a boon for health just by purchasing the wondrous herbs. The country has potential reliefs comprising lifesaving ayurvedic plants. Saraca Indica or Asoka is one such beneficial ayurvedic herb that is available in the rich roots of Sri Lanka. The Ashoka Tree is a famous one in both Sri Lanka and India.

The locals use the bark of the Asoka tree for healing menstrual disorders. Whether it is a painful period cramp or discomfort, the bark is useful in treating the pain and other symptoms related to menstruation. 

Punica granatum

Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka16 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Punica granatum, which is commonly known as Pomegranate, is also cultivated mostly in Sri Lanka. The fruit is considered as an ayurvedic fruit as it comprises a high number of benefits for the human body. It is highly rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and required minerals. Sri Lanka is prominent in the agricultural production of Pomegranate. 

The fruit produced here is extra juicy, red, and perfect in sweetness and texture. The paradise islands are famous and potential reserves of Pomegranate. Its fruit is known to have high loads of vitamin C and the bulk of antioxidants. These two factors increase the usage of Pomegranate in the composition of traditional medicines.

A tasty variety of ancient, and ayurvedic medicines contains the juice of Pomegranate. Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and cardiovascular issues can be kept at a safe distance from our body by the consumption of this ayurvedic fruit. Pomegranate also contains high anti-inflammation properties. The fruit is also widely acknowledged to possess anti-cancer properties. 

Butea monosperma

Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka17 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Butea monosperma is a native remedial and ayurvedic herb to Sri Lanka. It is majorly found and cultivated in humid and low forested regions of the country. It is specifically an anthropogenic herb that has discovered crucial applications in traditional forms of medicine. The herb contains astringent, diuretic, and pharmacological applications.

Butea monosperma’s significant benefits of the herb revolve around the treatment and management procedures of diabetes. The natural healing properties of Butea monosperma are known to maintain high and low blood sugar levels. It is also helpful in curing diarrhea and severe cases of dysentery.

The herb possesses soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Nurture your health in a little more graceful way with the usage of Butea monosperma. 

Woodfordia floribunda (Melitta)

Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka18 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Woodfordia floribunda or Melitta is a highly significant plant in terms of ayurvedic plants. It has undeniable importance in the traditional preparation of medicines. The plant plays a prudent role in the formulation of nurturing therapies that evolved from organic aspects of nature. Arishtas is one of the essential ayurvedic medicines. Woodfordia floribunda is a crucial ingredient used in the preparation of Arishtas.

The real value of healing and anti-inflammatory properties are present in Woodfordia floribunda. The ingredients of this medicinal herb have exceptional features of healing wounds rapidly. It also plays a pivotal role in the treatment of critical cases of dysentery and piles. This ayurvedic herb is also prominently known as Dhataki. It has excellent properties of maintaining the Kapha and Pitta dosha in our body mechanism.

The astringent properties of this herb are super influential. Asava and Arishta practices are wholly reliant on the essential ingredients extracted from Woodfordia floribunda. This herb is an extremely significant one for Sri Lanka as a decent amount of exports of medicines takes place from this plant only. It is a crucial component of forming ayurvedic medicines. The herb is infused with coconut oil to expand its benefits to a whole new prospect. Sri Lanka is sheer heaven in the richness of Ayurvedic herbs. 

Chrysanthemum Indicum

Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka19 18 Ayurvedic Herbs in Sri Lanka (With Images)

Chrysanthemum Indicum is one of the glorifying parts of ayurvedic medicines. It plays a pivotal role in the processing and formation of a decent variety of traditional medicine. Headache, cold, cough, and fever are primary and common health issues that are treated by the ayurvedic medicines formed by Chrysanthemum Indicum. The herb also empowers great benefits for curing complicated and fatal diseases such as diabetes and prostate cancer. Both of these diseases impose a serious threat to the well-being of an individual. Type 2 diabetes can be managed effectively with the usage of ancient medicines formed with Chrysanthemum Indicum. This powerful herb controls high and low blood sugar levels. It boosts the natural generator of insulin in the body and also manages its level. Chrysanthemum Indicum is the saddest flower, but its benefits will endow you with happiness. Unravel the most beautiful species of this plant at paradise Sri Lanka. 

Flowers are the edible part of Chrysanthemum Indicum, and most of the medicines are formed from it only. Make your travel to Sri Lanka more result yielding by getting pious Chrysanthemum Indicum herb from there. Tea, made with crucial components of Chrysanthemum, is quite famous in Sri Lanka. Explore it too as the tea also encloses substantial advantages in itself.

The Future of Ayurvedic herbs in Sri Lanka 

Ayurvedic herbs are one of the greatest assets in the lap of Sri Lanka. The country cultivates ayurvedic medicines on vast scales. The future of Ayurveda is highly glinting in Sri Lanka as the nation is ardent to produce a great variety of ayurvedic herbs. Sri Lanka holds a rich legacy in the reserves of medicinal herbs. The country integrates the experience of 7000-year-old traditions.

Sri Lanka is prominent in Ayurvedic culture as Ayurveda has been of great significance here since time immemorial. The best part is that people still reckon the importance and advantages provided by Ayurveda.

Sri Lanka has successfully managed to get a position among top manufacturers of ayurvedic products in the entire world. The estimates portray that the trade of Ayurvedic products is rich in Sri Lanka. They will tremendously expand more in the coming times.

Visit Sri Lanka and experience the actual value of ayurvedic herbs here.


These details encompass everything crucial about the ayurvedic herbs in Sri Lanka. When traveling to the island, do not forget to fill your travel bag with some natural and essential ayurvedic herbs. Here, you will explore all the fine ayurvedic herbs in a reasonable price range. Come back home from Sri Lanka with a great variety of medicinal herbs. You won’t discover extraordinary texture, taste, richness, and value in the range of ayurvedic herbs as available in Sri Lankan ones. 

If you are a health freak who believes in the wonders of Ayurveda, then Sri Lanka herbs are imperative for you to get. Gear up for your adventure in Sri Lanka, and don’t forget to try out the Ayurvedic herbs. 


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