Aerial Whale Watching Sri Lanka

September 2, 2020

Aerial Whale Watching Sri Lanka

Aerial whale watching in Sri Lanka is an exquisite experience! Get on the plane, watch the whales from a distance.Have you ever witnessed the beauty of a blue whale? It is the largest mammal on Planet Earth. In fact, the blue whale can grow about 90 feet and might even weigh as much as 24 robust elephants.

Just like a mammal, the whale has lungs but no nose to breathe. They use the blow hole to breathe out. Interesting, right? Learning about aquatic creatures can be quite intriguing, especially the bigger ones like the happy dolphins and the gigantic whales.

Only a couple of places in the world have these gargantuan blue whales. One of them includes Sri Lanka! A heavenly abode for nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers. Most of the travellers enjoy watching the whales at Mirissa. The whale watching tour is via a boat and the trip lasts for about 3-4 hours.

Boat rides are fun, but Sri Lanka offers a surreal experience of watching the whales from the sky.If you are someone who gets nauseous on a boat, try the aerial whale watching Sri Lanka experience.

Wish to know more? We have gathered all the information about this exquisite and unforgettable experience. Keep reading to know about the aerial whale watching tour.

Watch The Largest Mammal In Live Action

Aerial Whale Watching Sri Lanka2 Aerial Whale Watching Sri Lanka

Watching the biggest mammal is akin to a blessing! The blue whale is a rare sight and a boat ride may not guarantee you the chance of seeing it. Why is that so? The whales and dolphins get scared by the sound of the engine.

Travellers must know that it is their habitat! We are just intruders who are seeking entertainment. While we understand your love for nature and aquatic life, it is crucial to respect the private habitat of the mammal.In Sri Lanka, the ideal spot to find the blue whale is Mirissa. There are other exciting water sports that you can try such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and kite surfing. But, don’t forget to watch the whales and the dolphins. In case you don’t fancy watching them from a boat, get on the plane and watch them from above.

Where To Start

Aerial Whale Watching Sri Lanka3 Aerial Whale Watching Sri Lanka

You will be riding in a 3-seater Cessna plane. This basically means you will reach the spot faster!

 The boat takes forever to reach the whale-watching spot. However, the plane allows you to watch the whale from a safe distance. You will not be disturbing their habitat!

The flight starts from Koggala Airport. Flying above the whales is a wonderful experience for those who want to get an aerial view of the ocean. Apart from watching the Sperm Whale and Blue Whale, you will get to see dolphins and other aquatic creatures.

Usually, the whales and dolphins get scared by the ramming engine noise. While most of the tour operators ensure safety of the whales and dolphins, but some amateurs scare away the aquatic creatures.

This could be detrimental for the environment! If the whales get disturbed or scared, you will never get to spot them. However, the whale cannot stay in the water for long. They do not have gills or fins and that’s precisely why they come out of the water to breathe through their blow hole. Watching them from above ensures that they are not getting scared or troubled. Animals always feel the threat from human beings. Hence, taking a plane to watch the whales is a better option!

Is it a safe experience?

As soon as you reach Koggala airport, you will be given a safety brief. The guests wait at the passenger area before the briefing session. The pilot tells you everything about the flight, the safety guidelines and what you must know before getting on the plane.

The pilot will take you towards the South East. This is where you can spot the whales! The pilots are well-trained and they have several years of expertise.

Once you sight the whale or dolphins, the pilot descends the plane (approximately 600 feet downwards) and they will start circling the spot. The pilots ensure that you have a safe and pleasant journey. During this trip, you will also get to see the Galle Fort and the Dondra Lighthouse.

To answer the question in short – YES, it is a safe experience and the pilot himself will give you the safety briefing.

A tour escort will come along to guide you. After all, they know the ocean like nobody else!

The Cost Of Aerial/Air Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

Aerial Whale Watching Sri Lanka4 Aerial Whale Watching Sri Lanka

Planning a trip can be a daunting task! Whether it is a honeymoon or a friendly tour with your gang, working out the commercials can be quite difficult.

The aerial whale watching tour costs about $150 per person. For kids, the price is $100.

A total of 3 persons are allowed on the plane. You would need to plan your tour ahead of time. Find a good operator, check their reviews and make the booking.

That’s a small price to pay for a whale watching flight! We can assure you that the experience is worth the money you pay for it. These will be one of the best 45 minutes of your life.

The Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka For Aerial Whale Watching

Aerial Whale watching in Sri Lanka is an all-year-round activity. You can visit the island nation anytime you wish! However, there are some great months when the whales are clearly visible.

The best time to visit Sri Lanka for adventure activities (water sports) is from November to April. The weather stays pleasant and it does not get too hot. Also, the sky will be clear for a safe flight! Trincomalee is good for a whale watching tour from May to October. If you are not up for a long boat ride, there are scheduled flights for tourists.

The tour lasts for about 45 minutes. That’s a safe number as the experience is not time-consuming!

Departure time of these tours begin from 8 AM and the last flight takes off by 3:30 PM. It is best to head for a whale watching flight in the morning! The weather will be pleasant and it would be a visual treat for the adventurers!

Why Should You Opt For Aerial Whale Watching Experience?

Not everyone is fit to set out on a sea expedition. Seasickness can be quite sickening for your stomach. You feel nauseous and your head starts spinning. This could ruin the fun for some people! If you are not afraid of heights and want a different experience altogether, then travel to Sri Lanka and get seated on a Cessna plane.

We would also recommend travellers to opt for aerial whale watching because it is a new and different experience. Once you go back to your country, you will not get this opportunity again.

Sometimes the holiday is packed with activities! Finding time for a new activity may not be possible. If there is time crunch, then you can get on the plane and watch the whales from a distance. A boat ride to watch the whales and dolphins is time-consuming. In case you do not have the time to fit in the whale watching boat tour, opt for aerial whale watching trip.

Who doesn’t like the idea of flying up in the air and watching the clear blue ocean?

Concluding Thoughts

Most of the prospective travellers ask whether the sighting is guaranteed or not.

Although South Coast of Sri Lanka is known for whale spotting, but there will be times when you will not see any. However, you can enjoy the view of the coastline.

Fret not! You will also get to see dolphins and other aquatic creatures during the trip. But, the chances of spotting a whale are high. The pilots will take you to the popular spot. In fact, the aquatic creatures are scared of the ramming engine of the boat and not a flight. The plane is above water and in the air! The whales do not get threatened by the plane.

It is your job to respect the ocean and their habitat. Do not throw any garbage or try to feed the whales and dolphins. Aerial whale watching Sri Lanka is a must!

In case you are planning a trip to the astonishing island nation, make sure you are eating the fresh seafood and indulging in all the adventure activities. You cannot leave the island without spotting the dolphins and whales!

No matter how old you are, you can take a flight from Koggala and spot the whales. Make sure you take a video of the live action. Sri Lanka is beautiful and only a nature lover and adventure enthusiast would know its value!

Pack your bags because YOU are going on an unforgettable adventure!


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