Best Season For Kitesurfing In Sri Lanka

August 27, 2020

what is the best season for kitesurfing in sri lanka

Northwest of Sri Lanka, you will find a queue of kite surfing enthusiasts. For starters, Sri Lanka is one of the most popular kite surfing travel destinations. Thanks to the steady and kind wind that makes it perfect for this particular activity. Let’s check what is the best season for kitesurfing in sri lanka

Kite surfing season Sri Lanka is from mid-May to end of September. This is the main season, but there is another windy season. The other season that is ideal for kite surfing is from December to early March. If you are traveling around the winter season, the wind will not be as consistent. You might see some good days and some bad days too! That’s precisely why adventure seekers choose to visit the island nation from May to September.

If you are interested in kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, here’s an elaborate post that tells you everything you need to know about kite surfing at this wonderful island nation. Keep reading. We will cover everything you need to know. Let’s get in to details

It’s hard to resist a trip to Sri Lanka! The vibrant culture, crystal clear water, tangled jungles, and lush greenery attracts travelers from across the globe. The locals embrace tourists with open arms, and the city life is quite colorful and vivacious. There are interesting religious and historical sites to visit, the food is lip-smacking and there is an abundance of flora and fauna. Anywhere you look, Sri Lanka will give you a reason to fall in love YET AGAIN!

Considering this is an island nation, there are clean and fine-looking beaches. If you are an adventure-enthusiast, there will be a plethora of activities to indulge in. Some of these include scuba diving, snorkeling, and kite surfing.

As you travel to Northwest of Sri Lanka, you will find a queue of kite surfing enthusiasts. For starters, Sri Lanka is one of the most popular kite surfing travel destinations. Thanks to the steady and kind wind that makes it perfect for this particular activity.

What is Kitesurfing

what is the best season for kitesurfing in sri lanka2 Best Season For Kitesurfing In Sri Lanka

Wouldn’t it be exciting to move across water at a high speed? When you ask a little child about their dearest wish, they’d tell you they want to fly! Flying in the sky has been the most cherished childhood dream for most of the people. There are many adventure sports that allow you to fly in the sky! Kite surfing is an activity in which the participant holds the strings of the kite and moves across water at full speed.

The participant stands on a board and enjoys the kite surfing ride.  Kite surfing in Sri Lanka is the most popular adventure sport. There are professional instructors who would ensure that you have a great yet safe ride. 

Essential Information You Must Know

Since you have made up your mind to travel to Sri Lanka, you must know some basic information about the weather and clothing you need to wear.

Attire – The participants can wear normal shorts/bikini during the peak season (May to September). During the winter season, a wetsuit will be required. But, the summer months tend to be harsh and a light piece of clothing will be ideal. Wear comfortable clothing and something that you would not mind wearing even after you get drenched.

Quick Tips For Novices – If you are new to kite surfing in Sri Lanka, it would be safe to learn the sport at Kalpitiya. This is the main hub for learning the sport. Ideally, reach the spot early in the morning to avoid needless crowd. The area gets crowded in the afternoon. Hence, it is best to reach early and learn all the basics.

The Positives of Kite Surfing In Sri Lanka

what is the best season for kitesurfing in sri lanka3 Best Season For Kitesurfing In Sri Lanka
  • The water temperature during peak season remains 29 degree Celsius. The water will be pleasant for the adventure sport.
  • The air temperature ranges from 27 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius.
  • Another positive of kite surfing in Sri Lanka is that the water is flat. It is safe for this particular adventure sport and the instructors train the individuals before they can set out for an expedition.
  • If you are lucky enough, you would be able to spot whales during the activity.
  • During summer season (May to September), the wind averages to about 18 to 20 knots. Both winter and summer season are ideal, but latter happens to be the peak season.

The Best Spots For Kite Surfing In Sri Lanka

There are 3 famous spots for Kite surfing in Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya happens to be the most famous and is considered as the HUB!

Let’s reveal the other two names, but before that learn a little more about the hub of kite surfing in Sri Lanka.

  1. Kalpitiya Lagoon – The HUB
    This famous spot is known for its strong wind and flat water. The water is shallow which makes it safe for beginners to learn the sport. It is always recommended to come here to learn kite surfing. If you are a beginner, please stay far away from the extreme shallow waters because these are dangerous.

    There are dozens of kite surfing schools around here. It is easy to find a good school to learn the sport! The wind blows quite strong during the peak season. In case you are planning to indulge in the sport, head to Kalpitiya Lagoon.

    In a nutshell, Kalpitiya is the heart of all the on-water action activities! You cannot miss coming here as there are luxurious properties to stay at and all the adventurous activities shall blow your mind. No wonder why everyone heads to Kalpitiya for a long vacation. It is brimming with surprises and new kite surfing schools are popping up every wind season.

    Expect reliable wind averaging 25 knots. Perfect, right?

  2. Kappalady Lagoon – Fun Times Ahead

    The Kappalady Lagoon is much loved by kite surfers. It is just 16 km away from Kalpitiya, the hub for kite surfing adventure sport. Once you head to this destination, you will find that the water is waist-deep, temperature of water is ideal, and it is ideal for beginners to learn the sport here.

    Although it is a smaller lagoon, but the wind will be constant and steady. There are a few kite schools where you can learn the adventure sport.

  3. Mannar  –  Witness Adam’s Bridge Underneath the Water

    If you want to get the best of both worlds, then head to Mannar. This spot is known for Adam’s Bridge – a shoal underneath the water. Adam’s Bridge or Ram Setu/Ram Bridge has historical relevance. Did you know that the Vanara Sena built this bridge? Vanara Sena was nothing but a whole military of monkeys who built this bridge for Ram.

    You will hear many stories about this bridge, but seeing it for real will be a mesmerizing and earth-shattering experience. You could even tell stories to your kids that you went on an adventure tour and while kite surfing, you witnessed the Adam’s bridge.

    Mannar has stable wind and the water is crystal clear. It is an ideal place for kite surfing! The icing on the cake is that you get to witness the bridge that has historical relevance!

Other Spots To Watch Out For

what is the best season for kitesurfing in sri lanka4 Best Season For Kitesurfing In Sri Lanka
  • Vella Island – This island is super long and it has flat water. Kite surfers must head here in case they are visiting Kalpitiya. There’s no harm in exploring new places, right? Please be safe on the beach as this is a famous fishing point. Protecting your feet should be your priority as there are fish bones on the beach.
  • Ippantivu Lagoon – This lagoon may not be as popular as Kalpitiya, but the wind can be quite strong and stable throughout.
  • Arugam Bay – Head to the Point to enjoy best kite surfing wind conditions. The wind blows cross shore here. This spot is not ideal for beginners, but intermediate or expert kite surfers can enjoy at Arugam Bay.


Favorable weather conditions and efficient kite surfing trainers – what more could you want?

If kite surfing is on your mind, don’t hesitate booking tickets to Sri Lanka! As for the MAIN question, the best season for kite surfing in Sri Lanka has to be during the summer season.

Plan your trip and head to the island nation during the peak season. Make sure you experience the best of Sri Lanka by kite surfing at different spots. Kalpitiya should be on top of the list followed by Mannar and Kappalady.

Don’t just visit Sri Lanka for kite surfing as there is so much more in store for you! Eat fresh seafood, drink Arrack, meet the loving locals, and even enjoy the lush greenery around you.

Sri Lanka is a wonderland! Visit it once and you would never want to return to YOUR mainland!


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