Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

October 9, 2020

Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

From Match to December is the best season in Sri Lanka. Anyway Sri Lanka is an all-year-round travel destination. So The best time to visit Sri Lanka depends on the region you are travelling from and the purpose of the tour.

Welcome to the tropical island! Sri Lanka is one of the greatest islands across the globe and it has close propinquity to the Equator.

God took enough time to create this wondrous island nation. They were in an rapturous and imaginative mood. Perhaps that’s the reason why Sri Lanka has striking landscapes and profusion of aquatic creatures.

If you are thinking of travelling to the divine island in the coming weeks or months, you would want to know the best time to visit Sri Lanka.

For starters, prospective travellers must know that Sri Lanka is all-year-round destination. The water stays at a pleasant temperature and there are plenty of things to do for adventurers, peace lovers, and love-struck individuals.

Here’s an elaborate post that gives you complete details about the best time to travel to Sri Lanka. Following are the sections that you will come across in this article.

  • Weather in Sri Lanka
  • The Average Temperature at the Island Nation
  • The Best Month To Visit The Island
  • Best Season For Adventure Enthusiasts
  • Festivities in Sri Lanka

Let’s cut to the chase and explore Sri Lanka through this post like NEVER BEFORE! Before booking a trip to the marvellous island nation, we would like you to see Sri Lanka through our lens. This is a complete guide for you about the best time to visit the island. Hence, brace up for the detailed post!

Weather in Sri Lanka

Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka2 Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

Travellers are always in a state of tizzy, especially when it comes to the best season to visit Sri Lanka. As a novice, you must know that even the monsoon season at the island is not particularly wet.

In every other country, the seasons change like clockwork. However, the weather in Sri Lanka stays pleasant throughout the year.

  • January to March – This is the best time to visit Sri Lanka. It is dry, but there is plenty of sunshine. It will be warm but pleasant. You can indulge in water sports and jeep safaris at national parks during these months. In case you are thinking of spending a pleasant holiday, go to the hill country.

  • April – April is a good time to head to the beaches. The warm sunshine and clear skies will make you prance around in a bikini. Getting the perfect tan is a possibility during this month. April tends to be the hottest month of the year. Also, it stays dry and sunny. Avoid going to the beach between 11 AM to 3 PM.

  • May to June –The gentle monsoon season experiences short but sharp rain shower. You might not even get to know that it rained!

  • July to September – This season is most commonly known as, ‘inter-monsoon’. The weather is perfect during this time. You can even witness the leopards coming out for a drink. Temperature during this time may touch 29 degree Celsius. The beaches remain dry and warm.

  • October to November – Welcome the unpredictable monsoon season! Sri Lanka experiences both light and strong rain shower during these months. Don’t be disappointed if the rain gods do not leave the shower on. You might not see any rain too! It is indeed capricious during these two months.

  • December – Dry, nice and hot weather during December season promises a great trip ahead. Sometimes, the monsoon season might extend and you may see rain shower during December month.

Beach Season/Time in Different Parts of Sri Lanka

• East Coast (Passekudah, Arugam Bay,Kalkudah, Uppuveli and Nilaveli) – Best time to visit – April to September

South Coast (Unawatuna, Mirissa, and Tangalle) – Best time to visit – December to May

West Coast (Hikkaduwa, Bentota, Negombo, Alankuda) – Best time to visit – December to April

Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

The Average Temperature At The Island Nation

Since Sri Lanka is situated close to the Equator, the temperature remains constant. The coastal areas have temperature of 26 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. This is quite pleasant.

The hottest it could in Sri Lanka is 30 degree Celsius. It does not go beyond that! Travellers should avoid going out 11 AM to 3 PM. In Kandy, you can expect the temperature to be between 18 degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius.

Climb to the highest part of the island nation where the temperature is fairly pleasant. It ranges from 14 degree Celsius to 17 degree Celsius.

If you are heading to the hills, please carry warmer clothes because nights tend to be quite chilly. You might even freeze at night! You will experience humidity in most parts of the island. The best way to avoid humidity is to not step out during the afternoon. The beaches get hot and humid. Even wildlife safaris are best in the morning or evening time.

Early morning is good for adventure sports and wildlife safaris.

The Best Month To Visit The Island

The exquisite slopes of tea, the tropical rainforest, abundance of fresh seafood, plethora of adventure activities, and the luxurious villa properties shall sweep you off the floor.

Sri Lanka is not just known for its historical sites and seafood. The island nation is also one of the largest tea producers in the world. You may not know this but the island is also a leading exporter of the sweet-smelling cinnamon. Cinnamon is a delectable spice that the locals use in curries and rice dishes. It elevates the taste and aroma of any dish! It has medicinal benefits and is used as a condiment in most of the local dishes.

There are cinnamon plantations in Sri Lanka. You can also take a tour of the tea plantation. Another thing to note is that the locals are excellent at making tea. You can head to Matale, Kandy, Sinharaja Forest, Haputale, and Belihull Oya to witness cinnamon plantation.

For tea plantation tours, there are quite a few factories that you can visit. Some of the big names include Blue Field Tea Factory, Koslanda Tea Factory, Damro Labookellie, Dambatenne, and Handungoda Estate. You can also stay amidst the tea plantation in some areas such as the Living Heritage Koslanda.

Apart from these plantation tours, the travellers can enjoy taking part in water sports. There are different parts of the island. Each part offers a unique experience! In case you are travelling to the hill country or the West, then December to March is a good time.

If North and East Coast is on your list, then April to September is the best time to visit Sri Lanka. It all depends on the activity you wish to do and the part of the island you would like to visit.

Best Season For Adventure Enthusiasts

Sri Lanka is a wonderful destination for adventure enthusiasts. There are plenty of activities lined up for you. And, we are not just talking about water sports.

In total, there are 22 national parks in Sri Lanka. Wildlife and adventure junkies love the idea of heading for a jeep tour in the lush jungle. The most favourite national park has to be Yala. Udawalawe is another national park that is much-loved by tourists from across the globe. If you want a gratifying jungle experience, book your jeep tour ahead of time. There is a limit to the number of jeeps that go inside these secure wildlife parks.

When we talk about beach fun, there are many beaches on the island, but it all depends on the weather.

Best Time to Visit Beaches in Sri Lanka

Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka4 Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka
  • Wijaya Beach – The beach is good for use between December to April. July to September is another pleasant time to head to Wijaya.
  • Mirissa Beach – This beach is known for its whale-watching tours. November to April is the best time to visit Mirissa. This is the time when you will spot the whales and dolphins. It is quite popular and adventure enthusiasts can join a surfing school. If crashing the waves is your agenda then this place is perfect.
  • . Hiri Beach – November to April is the best time. However, you can visit the beach from August to September as well. You can rent a long-board and do surfing on this beach
  • Trincomalee Beach – March to August is the best time to spot dolphins and whales. It is a quiet beach, but nature lovers and peace lovers would have a good time here.
  • Koggala Beach – December to April is the best time, but you can also try July to September. The beach is quiet and you can go for a little boat tour here.
  • Arugam Bay – This is the most popular surfing spot. May to September will be ideal for surfing because it is the dry season. You can expect the finest waves to arrive in the month of July, August and end of September.

For water lovers, the beach offers scuba diving, snorkelling, kite-surfing, and surfing adventure activities. The water stays at a pleasant 27 degree Celsius.

One can witness the blue whales and sperm whales at Trincomalee and Dondra Point. If you are heading to Mirissa, opt for whale watching tour from November to April. For Trincomalee, March to August is a good time.

Rock climbing is another activity that you would enjoy in Sri Lanka. The travellers are in a dilemma whether they should head to Sigiriya or Pidurangala.

If you are travelling to Sri Lanka for the very first time, you can head to Sigiriya Lion Rock. It is a pride of the island nation! In fact, it is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pidurangala rock climbing is a little tough for beginners. Climbing Sigiriya is certainly less stressful as compared to Pidurangala. Only the last part of climbing gets difficult in Pidurangala, but rest of it is quite easy. Since Sri Lanka is filled with lush greenery, you will get a stunning view from the top. You will find lush jungles and exotic birds flying across the greenery. It is a visual treat for the eyes!

If you are travelling to Sri Lanka in summer months, choose the morning time for rock climbing. Afternoons get too heated up. 11 AM to 3:30 PM is the most dreadful time to go for rock climbing. The rock climbing tour ends by 5:30 PM and so, you should plan the climb before that.

In case you are heading to Pidurangala, plan the rock climbing tour early in morning at 5:00 AM. During sunrise and sunset, Pidurangala turns out be magical. Make sure you carry all the essentials like a sunscreen and a torch.

Festivities In Sri Lanka

Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka5 Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

Apart from the wildlife and water sports, tourists can also plan their trip during a festival in Sri Lanka.

1. Vesak Poya – Lord Buddha attained enlightenment on a full moon day. The locals celebrate the birth and the enlightenment of Lord Buddha on this day. His followers devote their time to reflect on Buddha’s teachings on this auspicious day. Buddhists celebrate this occasion in May on a full moon day.

2. Poson – Sri Lankan Buddhists celebrate the Poson festival. This day marks the advent of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. This occasion is celebrated on a full moon day in June.

3. Tamil and Sinhala New Year – 13th April is the Sinhala New Year. It is not just a celebration for Sinhalese people, but also other locals in Sri Lanka. Before the actual date, the Tamils and Sinhalese people start hosting events. When it is time for New Year in April, families hold get-togethers, friends visit each other, family members play games, and people cook together.

4. Kataragama Esala – Ever heard of self-mutilation? You can see it during this festival. The Hindus do fire-walks and pierce their own skin with weights and hooks. It can be a dreadful sight for someone who is new to these customs and rituals. But, it is a popular festival in Sri Lanka. 

5. Maha Shivratri – Hindus in Sri Lanka keep a one-day-fast on this day. These people are the devotees of Lord Shiva. During night, they stay awake, sing, and pray to Lord Shiva.

6. Deepavali – It is a festival of lights celebrated by the Hindus in Sri Lanka. The Tamils in Sri Lanka light up lamps in their homes. Locals wear new clothes, eat sweets, and the day signifies good over evil.

7. Independence Day – February 4th 1948 was a special day for Sri Lankans as they celebrated their first ever independence day. You can witness parades, games, and celebrations across the island.  

8. Hikkaduwa Beach Fest – This is a famous fest which happens in the month of July or August. International DJs entertain the crowds at Hikkaduwa Beach.

9. Christmas – Christmas is celebrated across the island with full fervour. Locals start preparing for the festivities weeks before the actual day. The season of Christmas begins on 1st of December in Sri Lanka. You will find that the streets as well-adorned and markets have huge Christmas trees.

Concluding Thoughts

The peak season in Sri Lanka happens to be between December to April. May to September are the summer months where it could get a little hot on the beaches. During May to September, South West and West coast experiences rainfall. During these months, you can travel to North or East Coast.

October to February is a good time to visit South West and West. During these months, North and East experience rainfall.

No matter what month you choose, Sri Lanka will welcome you with open arms. It is an year-round destination with plenty of exciting things to do. Don’t forget to stay at one of the fancy properties where there are private pool villas for families and couples.

Once again, the best time to visit Sri Lanka depends on the part you are going to. If it gets too hot, head to the hills. If it is rainy, you can go to another part where it is dry and warm.

Make sure you are planning the trip during the peak season. This is when you can spot whales and dolphins. Leopard spotting is another activity that you can take part in. February to June is the best time to visit Yala to spot the beautiful leopards.

Although it is an endangered species, but the guide will help you spot the leopard. They usually come out for a drink near the watering holes.

So, plan your trip accordingly and pack your swimsuits. If you are travelling to Sri Lanka, do not forget to try out the different water sports. You can also enjoy a safari, eat fresh seafood and meet the locals.

Sri Lanka is magical! Once you have stayed at this tropical isle, you would not want to go back to your own abode. Make the plan, go for the trip and experience the best Sri Lanka has to offer to you!


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