Cost of Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka

Cost of Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka

Scuba diving is a popular recreational activity in Sri Lanka. Since the water is clear and beautiful, adventure enthusiasts love exploring what’s underneath the ocean. Many of the prospective travelers would like to know the charges before making any plans to the island nation. After all, budgeting is the most important step while planning a tour. The question is “What is the cost of scuba diving in Sri Lanka?”

The pricing starts at 80 USD and can go up to 800 USD. It depends on where you are going and what the package offers you. The cost may be different for beginners and certified divers. All the gear for scuba diving will be included in the package. Some of the divers give you special training too

If it is wreck diving, the instructors will charge approximately $250-$300. The instructors will give you training before you explore the underwater world.

The scuba diving instructor will tell you the basics of how you ought to breathe with the equipment. They will teach you about the hand signs that you can use inside the water. There is no other way to communicate inside the ocean. Hence, the hand gesture is the best way to communicate with the instructor.

When you opt for a diving session, you get a pool training and an open water dive session. If an adult beginner wants to explore the waters, the charge will start from $80.

You can also become a DIVE Master and lead the sessions. This training is expensive as compared to other diving training. It can go up to $800. But, the good part is that you learn everything about scuba diving and become efficient in leading beginners.

We will tell you more about the spots where you can indulge in this activity, the best time for scuba diving in Sri Lanka, Why Sri Lanka is one of the best and more. Keep reading if you are interested. Let’s cut to the chase and dive right into the topic!

Why Should You SCUBA Dive In Sri Lanka?

Cost of Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka2 Cost of Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island nation where you can enjoy fresh seafood, explore the architectural marvels, and relax at amazing beaches. While most of the prospective tourists believe that Sri Lanka is an ideal spot for food, historical sites, and luxury beaches, there is  lot more you can do, including scuba diving.

Speaking of scuba diving, it is wondrous that human-created a mechanism for us to explore the happenings underneath the water body.

Before you dive into the ocean, you must be aware of the fishes that you will find underneath. Whenever you head out for an expedition, you would do your homework to get more knowledge about the sport. In this case, you would try to find out the best spots for scuba diving in Sri Lanka, the cost, the inclusions, and whether the ocean is good for the activity or not. Multiple queries cloud up your mind, and that’s quite fair!

What are the common fish species that you find in Sri Lanka?

Cost of Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka4 Cost of Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka

The most common fishes in Sri Lanka include Olive Barb, Blackspot Barb, Common Spiny Loach, and Orange Chromide. Since the island nation is famous for its seafood, you will find the Giant Catfish, Bubberlip Snapper, Talang Queenfish, Ponyfish, Bigeye Tuna, Flathead Mullet, Indian Scad, Black Marlin, Silky Shark, Ribbon Fish, Sail Fish, and Shortfin Mako.

Well, there are plenty more in the list and that’s precisely why Sri Lanka is known for its amazing nature and lovely beaches. There’s nothing like Sri Lankan nature

As you dive into the sea, you will find reef fish such as the clownfish, sweet lips, and batfish. The divers will be able to spot Bull Rays, Barracuda, Napolean Wrasse, Shrimps, Goliath Grouper, and Parrotfish as well.

If you are lucky, you could also meet and greet Sperm Whales, Blue Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins, Whale Sharks, and Reef Sharks.

The instructors will ensure that you are safe throughout the expedition. If you are not too adventurous about meeting the whales and sharks, you could always go for a dolphin and whale-spotting tour!

Apart from the aquatic creatures, you can witness the beautiful plants inside the ocean. There are quite a few wrecks underwater, and these include British Sergeant, Boiler Wrecks, Cargo Wreck, and HMS Hermes. Goda Gala Diyamba is a rock formation inside the water. It is quite fascinating and will leave the divers spellbound. It is a captivating spectacle and you cannot miss it for the world!

The Best Season For Scuba Diving In Sri Lanka

Now that you are fully aware of what you would see under the water body, it is important to know the best season for this particular activity.

The best time to visit Sri Lanka for scuba diving is between October to May. This is applicable for West Coast diving. For East Coast Diving, you can visit from May to October-end. Skip winter season for this particular sport.

Summer season is the best for scuba diving in Sri Lanka.

The Best Scuba Diving Sites/Spots In Sri Lanka

Cost of Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka5 Cost of Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka

We promised to share the best spots for scuba diving! The wait is over, mate. We always want the readers to get detailed information. This way, you don’t have to visit any other source. As avid travellers, we know the importance of saving time and finding all the information within one source.

As for the famous spots, we have prepared a quick list for you

  • Unawatuna  – A total of 10 diving spots are here. You can find Galle Shipwreck and Goda Gala Diyamba.
  • Trincomalee – Witness the anemones and coral reefs underneath the water body. It is located at the East Coast of wondrous Sri Lanka.

  • Mirissa – In total, there are 5 dive sites here. Although Mirissa is known for whale-spotting, beginners can have a wonderful time diving here.
  • Passikudah – Looking for the British Sergeant Wreck? It is located in Passikudah. If history interests you, dive deep into the waters and find the British Sergeant. You can see a variety of fishes inside the water – both big and small.

  • Kirinda – There are no diving centres here, but you can still get in touch with instructors elsewhere. Head out for a dive in the month of March or April. You can find grey sharks here.

  • Barracuda Reef – Divers have seen turtles and lionfish inside the Barracuda Reef. You can also witness the Reef Sharks. It is a safe experience and the instructors will tell you everything about it.

  • Kalpitiya – If you are up spotting whales and dolphins, Kalpitiya is the place to be. This place is known for its special BAR REEF. After the diving session, you can watch the sun go down.

  • Taprobane Reef – Witness the schooling fish and the Manta Rays at the Taprobane Reef.

  • Weligama – Are you adventurous enough to dive with the gigantic whales? Come to Weligama!
Cost of Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka6 Cost of Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka

Why Sri Lanka is one of the best

  • There are thousands of fishes who would swim beside you. They would be happy to come and greet you!
  • Sri Lanka has some excellent scuba diving schools. The instructors are efficient and the greatest equipment is used for the experience. It will be a safe and secure dive for all the adventure lovers.
  • The underwater world is not just great for meeting the fishes, but it has also got some spectacular shipwrecks.
  • The water is clear and visibility is great! You wouldn’t have to worry about whether it will be clear inside the ocean or not.
  • After a diving session, you can enjoy fresh seafood with some Arrack. Arrack is a traditional Sri Lankan drink. It tastes something like Rum and Whiskey!

God has not given you fins or scales, but a great mind worked on it and created scuba diving equipment. The equipment is getting advanced every passing day!

Hence, you must explore the deep waters in Sri Lanka! This is where you can meet the fishes and explore the hidden treasure, namely the shipwrecks. Are you excited to visit Sri Lanka?

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