Goda Gala Diyamba – Complete Guide

Goda Gala Diyamba

Goda Gala Diyamba is one of the best dive sites In Sri Lanka. Although it is not much famous among people comparing to some other attractions in Sri Lanka

The easiest access point to this is from Unawatuna. There are a variety of species you can spot here including large fishes and coral plants. You can dive under 20M here

How To Reach Goda Gala Diyamba

As shown In the above image you can reach the Goda Gala Diyamba within 2.15 minutes from Colombo international airport by a private vehicle. If you are planning to visit the site by public transport it may take longer. We do recommend hiring private transport as public transport could be crowded and a little time-consuming. From the Unawatuna access point, you can reach the dive site within 15 minutes.

Distance Between Colomo Airport and Unawatuna access point is 155 Kilo miters

Time To Reach

  • By Car – It will take around 2 to 2.30 hours
  • By Train – It will take around 4 to 5 hours

Even you hired a private vehicle you may have to walk for a few minutes on foot from the car park or you can hire a three-wheeler which is also called Tuk Tuk

Best Season To Visit Goda Gala Diyamba Dive Site

The best season visit Goda Gala Diyamna is from mid-October to the end of March. The dive site is open to visitors on all calendar days, even for night dives. Although the climate will be subject to change as Sri Lanka is a tropical island. You must expect the rain here any day at any time.

Even though there are some days where water is not that much clear

Diving Cost at Goda Gala Diyamba

The cost for a single person will be from 150$ to 300$ depending on the service you need and how long you need to be in. Most of the service providers include the gears you need for your adventure. These are the standards and this will be subject to change according to the time and the service provider you select.

This also includes 15 to 20 minutes training session to make sure everything goes smoothly

What to Wear

Sri Lanka is a tropical island and the climate here can be changed within minutes from a sunny day to a rainy day

It is a must to bring sun cream and glasses in here. You should consider having a sun hat as this can be really helpful on sunny days.

Find An Agent

Of course, you can’t dive on your own. There are multiple service providers near Unawatuna which are licensed and registered with the government. We recommend booking an agency before you head to Unawatuna.

The staffs are so friendly, they will even guide you on what to bring if you can ask before you start your journey

Health Tips

If this is your first you may feel uncomfortable as you go down. You will be instructed by the guides on this before they start the adventure. Although this is not a big issue to concern as it will eventually get better by the time.

You may feel difficulties once you get back to the island which is also normal and you will get better eventually by the time

If you are suffering from a cough or similar issues it will be better not to dive as the experience can be unpleasant and it can turn your current situation in to worse.

You will be guided by the agency before they start the tour about how you should breathe and deal with the water pressure. They also will do a small training period before dive into the real dive site to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you have any questions, doubts feel free to ask for help. The staffs in Unawatuna are so friendly and they will be more than happy to help you.

It will be important to maintain your normal breathing and stay normal. You will be under the supervision of well-experienced guide and will train you on this. You will be also guided on how to maintain your ear pressure. There are several techniques to do this and the guides will teach 1 -2 techniques.

If you are a woman or a girl with long hair they will instruct you to arrange your hair properly.

Technical Side

The diving institute will provide the equipment you need for your adventure. You will also get instructions on how to deal with emergency situations in case something happens. They will also guide you about the usage of that equipment used.


Without a doubt, Goda Gala Diyamba is one of the greatest places to dive in Sri Lanka and has so much to offer if you love to see underwater miracles.

Since it is an Asian country the budgets are not that huge. The weather is great and the people are so friendly. So if you are a nature lover who loves to see the corals and marine life this place is a must


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