Mirissa Sri Lanka Complete Guide (Attractions | Locations | Beaches)

November 7, 2020

MIrissa Sri Lanka Complete Guide

Mirissa offers a multitude of things to do and is best-known for whale watching tours and the famous parrot rock.

Mirissa is located in the east of Weligama Bay, around 150 kilometers south of Colombo. It is fishing town of home to the most savage and delightful sea shores in Sri Lanka. Nothing upsets the serenity of the voyagers except for the muted sound of the Indian Ocean rollers.

With few constructions on the shore, Mirissa is renowned with coconut trees, fine sand and a hot sun. In fact, the city is crossed by a main road and there are very few shops.  

The focal point of Mirissa sea shore is moderately protected from the ocean flows, making ideal for safe family swimming. Life is concentrated on the sea, just like 90% of restaurants.

With unique, clear and inviting waters, you will most likely need to investigate amphibian life during your stay in Mirissa. Catch your cover and snorkel, bright extraordinary fish and corals are awaiting you.

Attractions in Mirissa

Parrot Rock

Parrot Rock Mirissa

The Parrot Rock is a huge stone on the west of Mirissa sea shore. You can get to it straightforwardly from the sea shore by climbing.

Parrot Rock has been surrounded by numerous smaller rocks, but the corals have overrun them long ago. Well, you can take your snorkel gear with you because this is the best place to snorkel with your kids. Yes, the water is not too deep and you will find many wonders beneath the sea.

Stand on the shore and watch what is going on inside as the water is crystal clear. You can make out everything that is inside the water because the water is pure and does not have any garbage. It is a treat for sore eyes, mainly because one can see what’s underneath. Kids would love to snorkel around the rock.

Once at the top, you will have a splendid view of the whole bay. You will have the opportunity to watch everything around including fishermen and surfers.

It is also is a perfect spot to watch the sunset! However, during sunset, the parrot rock gets crowded. As usual, everyone wants a piece of cake. The swam of tourists head on top of the Parrot Rock and try to get a view of the sunset. The best way to breathe easy and catch a spectacular view is to head to the Parrot Rock early in the morning.

The tourists need to walk on water to reach the rock. The climb is worthwhile. You will get to witness the surrounding beauty of Mirissa. Avoid off-season as the tide tends to be high. Even though it is child-friendly, but you need to keep them off the water during off season. Your child’s safety comes first!

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Coconut Tree Hill

Coconut Hill Mirissa

If you proceed walking on the left of Mirissa beach, you will explore a hill towards the end called Coconut Tree Hill. This hill is surrounded all over the place with numerous coconut and palm trees.

Now, that will be a pleasant site!

For the record, this spot was made well known by virtue of Instagram. This hill is outstanding and the nightfall there is totally insane.

To arrive there, you need to sneak into the Sunset Bar and proceed on your way to the top. The nature colors there are insane: a blend of ochre and green that transform into dark blue when the sun passes on the opposite side of the sea.

Coconut Tree Hill is like a movie scene made TRUE! Once there, you will feel like being in a mini Hawaii.

Why go to Hawaii when you can go to Mirissa? It is truly a heavenly place to explore. You can sit and watch the mountains or feel the ocean breeze. Simply sit on the hill and watch the waves crashing. Perhaps you could spot people from a distance. Enjoying watching the gifts of nature can be quite satisfying.

All you need to do is sit back and relax. Take your camera along as you might want to get clicked here. These sights are rare and you never know a coconut might fall on the ground! The coconuts are quite delicious in Sri Lanka.

Make sure you are wearing sports shoes as it takes about 10-15 minute

s to walk up to the hill from Mirissa Beach. Perfect time to go here would be for sunset or sunrise. Please keep the place neat and clean! Since Sri Lanka is God’s abode, you should consider keeping it trash-free.

Whale Watching

whale watching Mirissa

One of the most famous activities in Mirissa is whale watching.

The boat trip will start in the morning at around 6:30 AM. The trip will last for about 3-4 hours. Now, don’t think that you will watch the whales for about 3-4 hours. To reach the whale watching spot, it takes some time. The whale watching duration will be between 40 minutes to an hour.

If whale watching is on your list, you must stay in Mirissa a night before. This way you can wake up fresh and go for the excursion. Some of the travelers might even stay at Galle the night before. It takes about 40 minutes from Galle to reach Mirissa.Returning to our sheep, or should I say to our whales, the best and ideal opportunity to see them is from November to April. To book a visit, you can do so straightforwardly on location or book online ahead of time.

It is important to choose a legit tour operator. They will be able to book the best whale watching tour for you.

Did you know that blue whale is the biggest creature on Planet Earth? The blue whales might glide past you when you head for a whale watching tour. The tours take place in the morning as that is the best time to spot whales and dolphins. The ever-smiling dolphins like to stay in group, so it is possible you will hundreds of them around you during the tour. The best tour operators know about the ideal spots to witness the beauty of whales and dolphins.

Actually, Mirissa is the best place to watch whales and dolphins. You will be mesmerized by the gigantic creature! Since the Coast Guard is monitoring the activities on the ocean, the tour operators and boat drivers must comply with the rules. Make sure you take along your camera (don’t forget to charge the batteries). Don’t try to feed the whales and dolphins. That’s a strict NO!

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Secret Beach

Secret Beach is no longer as secret due to the fact that many travelers worldwide choose this place as their vacation destination. This little beach is a genuine miracle hidden from the eyes of all people. It is the reason why it is called the secret beach.  

The beach is hot, and a little bar has settled there. Despite the rocks all around the place, it is extremely simple to walk there. We can imagine going for a long and romantic walk on the secret beach. The sand has a toffee-shade and the water is quite clear. It looks like a picture straight out of a Discovery Channel show. If you want to witness the true tropical beauty of Sri Lanka, going to the Secret Beach is a must!

Niyana Wella Beach

Mirissa beach is very well known and regardless of whether there will never be a major crowd, it is consistently more pleasant to be distant from everyone else on a beach. In case this is your thing, we advise you to go to Niyana Wella Beach which is in southwest of the city. This beach is not that famous and very few travelers get the chance to visit this magnificent place.

Weligama Beach

The beach of Weligama is more uncovered than the past ones, and it offers more waves. Waves imply surf! In reality, Sri Lanka is a famous spot for surfers and the beach of Weligama is known to be a decent surf spot for novices.

This is the reason you will see numerous clubs and centers where you can lease surfing boards, and where you will likewise be given surf exercises. The reason why we suggest this beach is that it is naturally linked to Merissa’s beaches, forming a typical spot for surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling.   

Kushtarajagala Sculpture

The sculpture of Kushtarajagala is situated in a little archeological site around ten kilometers west of Mirissa, not a long way from the city of Weligama. The sculpture is around four meters high and it was engraved in the sixth or seventh century AD.

There is consistently a discussion about who is spoken to by the sculpture. Some think he is a previous outside ruler who was gravely sick and who stood for refugees in the area. In any case, most archeologists presently admit that it is a portrayal of the Bodhisattva Awalokatheesvara.

Virgin White Tea

If you are into the amazing Sri Lankan tea, you can then visit the Virgin White Tea farm. It is found in west of Mirissa and it will take you more than twenty kilometers to arrive. Once you show up there, you can wander around the local tea plants and get a close picture of this valuable plant.

You will have the chance to visit a mini exhibition hall where you can taste the tea of the area and purchase the one you have liked. The farm is also open to guests.

Wood Carving

MIrissa Sri Lanka Complete Guide2 Mirissa Sri Lanka Complete Guide (Attractions | Locations | Beaches)

Not a long way from the foregoing tea plantation, you will discover a high quality wood cutting workshop called Kumara Wood Carving. You can perceive how the different wooden gifts that are sold in the majority of the nation’s business sectors are handmade. Note that you can likewise purchase presents nearby.

Dondra Lighthouse

The lovely lighthouse of Dondra is forty kilometers away from Mirissa. Dondra lighthouse is situated on the southernmost situation in Sri Lanka and is likewise the biggest lighthouse in the nation, and is one of the biggest in Southeast Asia with its forty-nine meters high. Its development dates back to the British frontier time frame with the start of work in 1887.

How to Reach Mirissa?

To arrive at Mirissa, you can choose between two starting points viz. Galle and Tangalle.

From both points, you can pick the train or bus. The train takes about as much time; it is less expensive yet once in a while full and particularly less frequent than the bus.

The bus stays an extremely practical alternative. Indeed, it is not truly comfy since there is not enough space dedicated to baggage, yet you generally locate a little spot. You can likewise pick private vehicle, for example, tuk-tuk, which is substantially more costly yet at the same time reasonable.

The Best Time to Visit Mirissa

Given the fact that Mirissa is located in south Sri Lanka, the best to visit is from November to March, since the ocean is quiet and on normal 27 °C. The climate is bright and downpours are uncommon! It is therefore ideal for a winter occasion!

Where to Eat?

There are numerous places and local restaurants in Mirissa, ranging from the cheapest to the most luxurious one. He we recommend you some restaurants that are good and at the same time not pricy.

You can go for the Big Belly Roti Hut restaurant that has superb food. It is an ideal restaurant where numerous local people come to eat for affordable prices.

You also choose the Spice Rotti Hut restaurant, which is located on the main street. This restaurant may appear small but it has various delicious, appealing dishes for a small price.

Avoid to the beach restaurants that are expensive and not top on the food side.

If you have a very small budget, we advise you to go for smaller restaurants that do not require a lot of money, and where meals are cooked on site by Sri Lankan families, such as the Samagi Food Corner or the Dimali Inn on the main road, or the Dewmini Roti Shop, excellent and cheap.

What to Eat in Mirissa?

The famous and incredible gastronomic dish of Sri Lanka is rice and curry. It is a lot of dishes, where vegetables are cooked with curry. There is a close resemblance between Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine. However, the identity of both the cuisines is different. Sri Lankan cuisine focuses on spice and coconut is the hero ingredient in most of the dishes.

You will discover rice, chips, meat or fish cooked together. You blend it all in with the rice on your plate, and they say that you need eat it with your left hand.

Well, there is a cultural difference in the way they eat and even the usage of different spices. But, Sri Lankans love to put a lot of spice in their dishes. They are also fond of adding coconut milk to the curries. That’s because there is plenty of coconut on this tropical island. There are sweet dishes and curries that have coconut. Well, don’t blame the coconut!

There are likewise other locally famous dishes such as kotthu, string hoppers, and so forth. If you are in Mirissa, a quick cookery lesson by one of the chefs in a restaurant could be a fun experience. Learn to make hoppers or kotthu from the chefs. This could be a new and wonderful experience! You can also learn to eat like a local!

Since Sri Lanka is a tropical island, you will find a number of seafood dishes here. The locals make delicious seafood such as Crab Jaffna, Deviled Calamari, and prawn dishes. You will also get seafood straight from the sea. Don’t miss out the different fish fries and curries that have fresh fishes.

With regard to drinks, new organic product juices are fantastic in Mirissa! Mango, lime and other fruits are prepared on the spot so that you can enjoy a wonderful fresh taste.

Where to Stay in Mirissa?  

As far as accommodation in Mirissa, you can pick among four possibilities.

The first is the guest house which is usually run by local people, with small number of rooms.

The second one is the home-stay. Here, you get to rest legitimately at home, in the core of a Sri Lankan family.

The third possibility is hotels. You will discover them all over the place, from the little hotel to the huge one, in accordance with your budget.  

The fourth and last possibility is to rent a villa. It is indeed ideal in the event that you need to rest seven days by the sea.

Here are some options for prospective travelers:

1. One of the best hotels in Mirissa is Paradise Beach Club. It has a swimming pool and an on-site spa as well.

2. SeaWorld Resort is a 3-star property with a swimming pool that overlooks the ocean. Don’t forget the private beach where you can go for a stroll with your beloved.

3. Ubuntu Beach Villas have a private pool. Yes, that’s right! If you can shell out extra bucks on a villa, this is the best option. The private pool overlooks the ocean and there is plenty of space to prance around. Luxury at its best – that’s what it is all about!

4. Serenity Resort is a beach-front property. You can have a lovely and romantic dinner on the beach. Additionally, the rooms are quite comfortable and plush.

5. Lantern Boutique Hotel offers you direct access to the beach. It is one of the prime properties in the area. The suites are spacious and offer a private balcony with a stellar view.

6. Weligama Bay Marriot Resort is in the next bay, but is quite close to Mirissa. The rooms are plush and you will get a balcony to soak in the beautiful view.

These were some of the options, but you can always book an Airbnb villa or an apartment. There is no shortage of options in Mirissa.

The Budget Plan / Cost

In the case that you have a fairly little financial plan, your every day cost will be somewhere in the range of $10 and $30 every day for each individual.

With this financial plan, you can rest in visitor houses (without cooling) for around $10 to $20 every night.

Take open vehicle like the bus which ranges from $0.5 and $5, depending on your local destination. Eat nearby and make visits at low costs, not exceeding $5.

In the event that you have an average financial plan, it will take somewhere in the range of $30 and $70 every day for every individual.

You can go with a personal driver that will cost you around $40 to $70 every day for the vehicle, to be divided by the quantity of explorers.

Rest in moderate hotel for around $20 to $30 every night, and try to eat at local restaurants.

At last, if you have an enormous financial plan and want to be cherished, you will likewise discover your joy in Sri Lanka in general, and in Mirissa in particular.

You can either rent van for a price starting of $60 a day or you can rest in a luxurious hotel for a price higher than $70 a night.

What to Pack Before you head to Mirissa

Here are a few things you need not forget to take onto your trip to Mirissa:

  • Sunglasses
  • A hat
  • Sunscreen
  • A scarf
  • The toilet bag
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Comb
  • Razor
  • Bath towel
  • The pharmacy kit
  • A camera
  • A flashlight in case of power failure
  • A credit card to make your withdrawals
  • A photocopy or scan of your passport in case of loss
  • Your international driving license if you ever want to rent a car without a driver.

What Presents to Bring Back from Mirissa?  

You have a wide choice of souvenirs that you can bring back from your trip to Mirissa.

First off, you can go for buying spices particularly curry, cinnamon and chili. You can also take some tea as a souvenir. Because Sri Lanka is renowned for its quality black tea, it would be the best thing to take home and enjoy it at your English breakfasts.

We encourage you to get it natural and in a market, where the costs are less expensive than in the factories. Other souvenirs which are a must take home are Sari for ladies and Sarong for men. Although they are difficult to wear on a regular basis, they are typical for remembering your trip experience.  The final souvenir you can take home is Batik. It is an artwork on fabric, outlining scenes of Sri Lankan life.

Practical Information

Here are some down to earth and valuable tips to head out to Mirissa.  

  • The money is the Sri Lankan rupee. In July 2020, one rupee equals $0.013.
  • No vaccine is required to venture out to Mirissa.
  • As for the conventions, you need an electronic visa, to be done on the web, legitimate 30 days. It costs about 30 US dollars, but sometimes it gets free.
  • Finally, you need not miss some ceremonies like the Sri Lankan New Year, which is between 12 and 14 April; Poya Vesak standing for the full moon and occurs in May; and Poya Poson which takes place in June.

Concluding Thoughts

Is Mirissa on your list of places to go to? If you are in Sri Lanka, you cannot miss going to Mirissa. It has a number of activities to indulge in and even if you are planning a relaxing holiday, just choose a luxury hotel and enjoy the time watching the views. You can go and find the secret beach or hike to the Parrot Rock. Take your snorkel gear and indulge in snorkeling around the Parrot Rock. It is quite shallow and the water is clear.

You can also plan whale watching tour during your stay. Witness the gigantic blue whale and don’t forget to click pictures. Enjoy the seafood and local dishes that are a must-try!

A fun-filled day trip to the famous Galle Fort can also be an exciting plan. If you want adventure, body boarding is possible in Mirissa. You might even get lucky during your trip! Apart from watching whales, hundreds of dolphins might surround your boat. Basically, you will always have something to do in Mirissa. It is a land full of possibilities and miracles!

The coconut tree hill should be on your list. The hill is perfect for hiking and thinking about life in general. You will be at peace in Mirissa! So, go ahead and book the ticket. Don’t forget to book a hotel or a villa at Mirissa. It will be highly rewarding!


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