Parrot Rock Mirissa | Complete Guide

October 25, 2020

Parrot Rock Mirissa

Backpacks dropped off, bathing suits on, heading to the beach! A line of coconut trees nestled under a skewer of restaurants facing the sea, gives you the image of the perfect postcard. Mirissa is a place you cannot shy away from!

Pay visit to Parrot Rock, a rock where you can see the two basins of Mirissa Bay, side by side – the famous twin beach. With its miles of fine sand, its seaside restaurants and its famous surf break, the place is certainly very touristic but the setting is heavenly.

Just walking 50 meters from the beach, you reach Parrot Rock. Yes, you will fulfil the dream of walking on water! Once you climb on top of the rock, a surreal view awaits. As per tourists, the view from Parrot Rock is stellar, but there is more beauty under the surface as well. Yes, we are talking about snorkelling session wherein you can explore the aquatic world. Here’s an elaborate post that talks about Parrot Rock Mirissa and all the activities you can indulge in around this destination.

Let’s get familiar with PARROT ROCK. Where is it? What’s the USP?

About Parrot Rock

On the eastern edge of Mirissa beach is the Parrot Rock. It is a viewpoint on which you can climb via a makeshift bamboo staircase (it is solid!) when the sea is not too wild.Many crows shelter on this rock, so it makes a lot of noise when you arrive. However, no evidence of parrots whose rock bears the name.

To access it, it is better to be in shorts or in a swimsuit because you have to cross a little water and depending on the current, you can have some up to the thighs.It is possible to climb this promontory to enjoy a 360° panorama. The view is enjoyable at any time of the day. Especially if you are lucky enough to see whales that usually follow the East Coast.

How to Reach Parrot Rock Mirissa?

You have two main means of transport to get to Parrot Rock Mirissa. You can first take the train from Colombo, Bentota or Galle for example.

From Galle: 1h/1h30 journey and prices between 35 and 60 rupees (around 25 euro cents)

From Colombo: 3h/3h30 of journey and between 120 and 220 rupees (around one euro).

From Hikkaduwa: 1h30 journey by train – 80 rupees per person in 2nd class or 1h45 in tuk-tuk – 1500 rupees per person

From Weligama: 15 rupees per person by bus – or 350 rupees per individual by tuk tuk

Another option is to take local buses that go to Mirissa from all major cities in southern Sri Lanka. If you come from Tangalle, the bus will be your only option because the train does not go to Tangalle.

Depending on where you are coming from, go to the main bus station and ask for the bus to Mirissa. In general, the price does not exceed 200 rupees.

Nearest Airports to Mirissa

Planning your trip to the Parrot Rock? Don’t know where you will land?

The Hambantota terminal (HRI – Mattala International Airport) (HRI) is the most convenient. Once you are on the tarmac, you will be 80 km from the city center.

When is the Best Time to Leave?

The best time to travel to Sri Lanka is from November to April, when the weather is dry. In summer, the rainy season takes place in Sri Lanka; however, prices this season are much lower.

Hence, if you are not afraid of rainfall (which usually takes place at night and in the morning on dry ground); a summer trip can be a great option for a budget holiday.

Things to Do at Parrot Rock

Once you have succeeded climbing the Parrot Rock Mirissa, you can enjoy many things, such as watching the sunrise, or even the sunset, observing the whales and other fish species, and so on.

This big piece of rock that comes out of nowhere deserves a little morning stroll. At sunrise, you will have the feeling of being alone in the world, and finally alone in the world with the fishermen in general, everything is slowing down, or upside down.

Walking on the beach continues to be the most romantic thing to do. You can grab arms of your partner and go for a little stroll. Watch the evening sunset or the morning sunrise with your beloved. You can also witness the crashing waves and beautiful aquatic life underneath.

When you look at a sunset there is this impression of ephemeral, you know that in a few minutes everything will be over while with the lifting, everything starts!

Another attractive thing to do Mirissa is to watching fishermen. It takes a lot of courage to crash the waves, head to the ocean and catch fish. The ocean is blessed and there are a variety of fishes in there. However, the fishermen set out an expedition at the wee hours of the morning.

You will clearly notice that the waves of the Indian Ocean being too powerful for beach fishing, and fishermen have to adapt and continue their activity.

Watch them catch small and large fishes! It looks like an artwork – watching the fisherman doing their job in the middle of the ocean.

Parrot Rock Mirissa is also the best place to watch whales, turtles and other fish species. The blue whales, when they are in this area that is exceptionally close to the coast, make of this a picture not to forget.

If you wish to know what a sperm whale looks like, get in touch with the best operator and book a tour. Whale watching in Mirissa is a must-do activity! You might just get lucky and find some warm and friendly dolphins too. Ideally, keep a safe distance and do not disturb their habitat.

Whale watching and dolphin tours have always been a trend around Mirissa.

So, don’t forget to take some pictures!

By the Parrot Rock, you can also go for snorkelling to get close to the most beautiful and colourful fish species.  The corals have overrun the small rocks around Parrot Rock. That’s precisely the reason why it is an ideal spot for snorkelling. You can get snorkel gear from the water sports rental shops. Ideally, look for an instructor who would be happy to introduce  you to the aquatic world.

Actually, you could stand on the shore and still be able to see what is underneath. The water is crystal clear and there are a number of colourful fishes beneath the water body.

Note -Since Parrot Rock is very close to the shore, it is not too deep. You can take your kids along for a snorkel tour! Make sure you are renting the right snorkel gear for you and the kids.

Avoid high tide/off season as the ocean gets choppy and not very ideal for snorkel tours.

Parrot Rock 2 Parrot Rock Mirissa | Complete Guide

Where to Eat?

By the sea, Coco Café is a cosy café with a wide selection of healthy breakfasts.

In the evening, the atmosphere changes; the waiters, all long-haired hipsters, light campfires while others set up the fish displays at the entrance to the restaurants. Behind, dozens of candlelit tables cover every part of the beach. A little air of Bali all this…

It stings the eyes!

You can also enjoy the local huts of Matara road where the traditional dishes vary between 400 and 500 rupees. The frame is noisy but on the plate, everything is good!

Facing the surf break after the Parrot Rock, the bars, more typical, are quieter and cheaper.

If you like fish, a trip to Parrot Rock would seem like paradise! In the evening, the restaurants install fresh fish stalls on the beach. You choose your own fish directly and they take it as early to prepare it for you.

There are also very beautiful lobsters and other crustaceans.

In the evening, many tuk-tuk are there to take you back to your hotel if you want.

As an explorer and an avid traveler, you must experience all the local things. Traveling in a tuk-tuk is one of them! Eating like a local and getting your hands gooey with seafood juices will be an extraordinary and different experience.

Where to Stay?

For accommodation in Mirissa, the ideal location is of course to get as close as possible to the beach. For small budgets, you can book at the Splendid Lodge where you will find cheap private rooms. You will also be only a few minutes’ walk from the beach.

If you are looking for something more luxurious, then go for the Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa. It is located to the east of the city and is located by the sea, where Parrot Rock takes place. The advantage is that the beach is much less frequented in this corner of Mirissa.

You will also find beautiful rooms with beautiful decor and a superb outdoor pool. Besides, for the offered standing, the price of the night is not excessive at all. Great quality/ price ratio!

You can also for Peacock Villa that is located away from the hustle and bustle of the small town, in a pretty garden where peacocks can roam freely.

The Peacock Villa is a charming accommodation offering a dozen rooms with breakfast. The rooms are very large and clean. Just like their adjoining bathrooms. You will also a balcony with a superb view of the surrounding nature. A real haven of peace to rest!

The breakfast is served there on the ground floor with a view of the garden is very good. With fresh fruit juice, fresh fruit platter, tea or coffee, bread, butter, jam without forgetting eggs cooked different every day. What a great start to the day!

The villa offers a closed and guarded parking within the garden, in order to park our tuk-tuk safely.

The wifi there is very good, everywhere in the villa and especially in the rooms; very practical to prepare your days in Mirissa.

The beach is 700m on foot via a shortcut, or 800m following the main road. It is also in this street that you will find a good number of local restaurants for dinner. Ideal for dining a few steps from the villa!

You can find more accommodation options around the area. Ideally, book the rooms in advance (in case you are traveling during peak season).

What to Pack?


  • Your favorite bathing suits
  • Light and loose clothing
  • Bath towels (for beach and home)
  • Beach mat for sand
  • Hat or caps, sunglasses
  • An assortment of flip-flops
  • A pair of shoes to go out at night
  • A pair of walking shoes for the bravest
  • A sweater for cooler evenings
  • A waterproof windbreaker for rainy days
  • Simple clothing to wear on any occasion embellished with an accessory according to the circumstances.

Health at the sea

  • Sunscreen that resists water
  • An after-sun lotion
  • An anti-mosquito spray
  • Anti-nausea if you plan to take a boat

Other necessities

  • A large beach bag with a closure and many pockets
  • Take some plastic bags for wetting and rubbing. In the suitcase, they will be used for the tubes of cream and shampoo, this avoids leaks.
  • A cooler or at least a thermos for continuous days at the beach
  • The camera, camcorder, phone and their respective chargers
  • A floor mat or an air mattress to be properly installed
  • Useful tanning books

Some Practical Tips

Travelling soon? Our travel resource page can help you!

  • American passports, if you want to go to Sri Lanka and stay less than 30 days, you no longer need a visa.
  • Do not go to Parrot Rock Mirissa without travel insurance!
  • Take a local SIM to have internet outside. The chip costs about 150 rupees. If you put 2GB, you will have to add 200 rupees.
  • Always use a VPN while travelling.
  • If you are sensitive to seasickness, we advise you not to go on an empty stomach (this is a minimum base to limit seasickness, even if it is often not enough!) and to bring either Mercalm or essential oils (lemon and mint work well).
  • During sunset, Parrot Rock tends to get crowded. Head to the rock in the morning to avoid beach crowd! Wouldn’t you want to see the sunrise without any interruption?

Concluding Thoughts

Since you will be around Mirissa, don’t forget to indulge in surfing tours. You can also indulge in whale watching tours! Witness the magnificence of blue whales and sperm whales. They are the largest creatures who will blow your mind with their antics!

Turtle Bay is another attraction around Mirissa. If you have ever wondered what turtles look like, head to Turtle Bay. January to April is the best time to watch a swarm of turtles. In fact, you might just witness the egg hatching action. Turtle Bay is also a great place to swim! If you are fond of swimming, carry your swimsuits to enjoy a dip in the ocean.

Overall, Parrot Rock Mirissa is a fun place to be. You have plethora of things to do around here.

Since you have to walk on water till the rock, it is best to wear shorter clothes to avoid getting your clothes drenched.

Ideally, do not miss out snorkeling in this area. Get your little ones to wear snorkel gear! It is a great family time experience!


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