What is the Cost of Snorkeling in Sri Lanka

What is the cost of snorkeling in Sri Lanka

Life is an adventure, but it can be a little more enjoyable when you have some on-water action! Sri Lanka has plenty of on-water action. You can indulge in adventure sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and kite surfing. Since the water is clear (and safe), Snorkeling in Sri Lanka will be a great adventure for nature lovers. That being said, you may be wondering what is the cost of Snorkeling in Sri lanka is.

The price of snorkeling will start from $50 and ranges to 200$. The pricing is quite low as compared to other snorkeling destinations in the world. The cost includes essential snorkeling gear and training. Training will be pretty basic. The snorkeling session is 3-4 hours and you can extend if you wish to.

Let’s dive into the heavy detail. There’s a lot of helpful information here. If you are an avid traveler and want to know everything about snorkeling in the island nation, this post will cover all of it. Read on to find out more


Are you living your life to the fullest? Different people will have different answers to this question. Some people live their life to the fullest by working hard at the office and partying hard at night while others indulge in adventurous activities. Many destinations across the globe are known for its adventure sports. One of the most exciting and wondrous island nations, Sri Lanka, offers an exhilarating experience for adventure seekers.

What is the cost of snorkeling in Sri Lanka5 What is the Cost of Snorkeling in Sri Lanka

Once you are inside the water, everything becomes crystal clear. Snorkeling is not a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s because you would want to do it every single time after trying it once.

Snorkeling is an adventure activity wherein the participant wears a diving mask and attaches a breathing tube. Sometimes, the instructors will give you a swim fin. The breathing tube is known as the snorkel.

What is the cost of this? This is one of the most asked questions as travelers want to know the pricing for the activity. This way, they are able to plan the budget for the trip! It’s always good to know the commercials before you travel to a new location!

The cost of Snorkeling in Sri Lanka will be different for beginners, intermediate swimmers and experts. It all makes sense, right?

What is the cost of snorkeling in Sri Lanka2 What is the Cost of Snorkeling in Sri Lanka

The price of snorkeling will start from $50. Now, that’s a small price to pay. It also depends on how deep you wish to go.

I mean, all of us don’t have the luxury budget. In that case, Sri Lanka is the perfect location. Let’s dive into detail.

The duration of the snorkeling session is 3-4 hours. Also, there are different spots that you can choose from. The icing on the cake is that you have many snorkeling spots to choose from.

Snorkeling in Sri Lanka is quite popular. You will find many instructors around the area. There are tour guides who would be happy to arrange a snorkeling trip at competitive pricing.

Is snorkeling safe?

You may be worried about whether this activity is safe for you or not. Snorkeling is safe for both swimmers and non-swimmers as long as you have your instructors. The instructors take you to a shallow area of water where all the briefing is done. Once you learn the sport, the instructors take you to a spot where you get to explore the deep secrets of the sea.

It’s the Indian Ocean! The water is perfect for snorkeling and the water temperature is great for swimming. During the summer season, the water temperature is 29 degrees Celsius.

Is snorkeling and scuba diving same?

Please note that scuba diving and snorkeling are different from each other. In scuba diving, you are going deep into the sea, but snorkeling gives you a panoramic view of the underwater life

The best snorkeling spots/locations in Sri Lanka

Before you pay the price for the snorkeling session, it is important to know about the best spots. Since we promised to share all the details, here’s a list of the best snorkeling spots.

What is the cost of snorkeling in Sri Lanka4 What is the Cost of Snorkeling in Sri Lanka
  • Hikkaduwa – Head to Sri Lanka’s Southwest Coast and enjoy snorkeling with your buddies. Even if you are a solo traveler, this little adventure would be worth it! You can find exotic marine animals and coral reefs under the water. The corals in Hikkaduwa is one of most famous attraction in Sri Lanka

  • Mirissa – Wish to swim with the dolphins? If the answer is a YES, then head to Mirissa. The dolphins will be happy to swim along with you, and there are other aquatic animals who would greet you. Expect to see turtles and different aquatic animals. Mirissa is also one of the most famous location in the world for whale watching.

  • Bentota – How about snorkeling in the waters at Bentota? You will get to witness many shipwrecks under the ocean. Adventure seekers will also get to see a variety of aquatic plants and animals.

  • Unawatuna – Unawatuna is a paradise for adventure junkies! If you are looking for Fancy beaches with friendly waves for surfing this is your location

  • Kalpitiya – Ready to explore the largest coral reef in all of Sri Lanka? Kalpitiya has some exotic properties where you can enjoy a luxurious stay. During your stay, book a snorkeling tour and take off for an unbelievable expedition. If the idea is to explore the coral reefs, then this place is like magic!

  • Kirinda – At Kirinda, you will be swimming amidst the beautiful shipwrecks. The Great Basses Reef has been the main cause of the majority of the shipwrecks in this region. During this snorkeling session, you will come across snapper, angelfish, black corals, and the much-loved fan corals.

    The most loved feature of this place is the treasure ship of Aurangzeb. He was a Mughal ruler and the ruins of his treasure ship can be seen till date!

  • Trincomalee – For anyone who wishes to see colorful aquatic creatures, head to Trincomalee. Turtles swim around you harmoniously. They aren’t afraid of humans, but it is your responsibility to respect their aquatic home.

    Come to Pigeon Island in Trincomalee to witness the coral reefs inside the water. Plus, the turtles look ravishing underneath. If you are with the instructor, they will protect you from the sharks. This will be a safe experience, but it is always good to have your instructor around you.

The best time to visit Sri Lanka for a snorkeling tour

The best time to visit Sri Lanka for a amazing snorkeling tour will be from November to April. In the case of East Coast snorkeling, the best time to visit is April to September.

Useful tips before you head out for An expedition

What is the cost of snorkeling in Sri Lanka3 What is the Cost of Snorkeling in Sri Lanka
  • Choosing the right spot for snorkeling is not such a complicated task. You do not have a dearth of choices. If you like seeing shipwrecks, head to Bentota. If you want to swim with the whales or at least get a glimpse of the massive creature, then go to Mirissa.

  • Choosing the guide/instructor is quite a task! You have to ensure he/she is a certified instructor. Most importantly, they should be willing to teach you the basics before you explore the ocean.

  • You’ve heard it before and we’ll tell you again: PRACTICE MAKES A MAN (AND WOMAN) PERFECT. Before jumping into the water, you must practice your swimming strokes. Even though non-swimmers can do this activity safely, but the instructors will make you practice in a swimming pool or shallow water body.

  • The cost of Snorkeling in Sri Lanka depends on the level of expertise. Compare the prices before you opt for a package. The gear is always included in the adventurous trip.

  • You can also rent the equipment before you jump into the water. This will give you enough time to practice before you jump into the deep water. Please know that snorkeling will be performed in the ocean. It’s more challenging than a dive into the swimming pool.

Concluding thoughts

The cost is lower as compared to other snorkeling destinations around the globe. After the snorkel session, you can enjoy eating fresh seafood. Sri Lankan cuisine is spicy and delectable! Don’t forget to enjoy the famous Arrack drink. It is a local drink that most tourists enjoy! So, plan your trip ahead of time and make the bookings too.

Snorkeling trip to Sri Lanka is a fun and adventurous idea! You must go ahead and book that ticket and a spot for the snorkeling session.

The shipwrecks, coral reefs, and aquatic animals are splendid. Always head out for the snorkeling session in the morning and learn the sport. It is not as complicated as scuba diving and you do not have to go as deep!

Hence, it is perfect for beginners or non-swimmers. So, go ahead, book the ticket to Sri Lanka and enjoy a fun-filled snorkeling session.


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