What is the Cost of Whale Watching Mirissa, Sri Lanka

August 13, 2020

Cost of Whale Watching Mirissa

Sri Lanka is one of the most famous locations for whale lovers around the whole world. There are 3 locations in Sri Lanka, which is famous for whale watching. Among them, Mirissa is the most famous. The cost of whale watching in Mirissa is pretty low comparing to some other place around the world

The cost of a whale watching tour for a person will be around 50$ in Mirissa, which is closer to 9000 Sri Lankan Rupees and 45€ in Euros. For children, it will cost around 25$-30$. If you are with a group of more than ten people, there is a chance you can have a discount

Anyway, those prices will depend on time, tour agents, and the quality of the service provided. Let’s get into detail

There are thousands of companies that provide whale watching tours. Anyway, the prices on all these are closely similar. It is always somewhere around 50$ per person. Even the price is the same. There are some other facts you should consider before selecting a company for your whale watching tour.


Most of the services provide a good service. Anyway, we find there are still some boats we feel they shouldn’t be running. Sri Lanka is a 3rd world country, so they keep using those for years even they are not in the perfect mood for a run.

So make sure to take a look at your ride before selecting. And almost every one of them provides some snacks, drinks on your tour, which is included in the price you pay. Make sure to have a quick look at what you get

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are; you must always keep some distance between the whale and the boat. I get it; the more closer you get, the more fun it is. But remember, it is always your safety, which is first.

Cost of Whale Watching Mirissa

Since there is no specific way to know these for sure, Tripadvisor or similar online sites with reviews are your best shot. If you can keep reading a few reviews, you can find out more. Still, some reviews are misleading. Some people easily get terrified, even while at a safe distance. Nature of humans I guess

Make sure that the company your select is registered with the WDCS (Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society).

When Comfortability is the topic, it is always not only you. Make sure the company you hire cares about the animals too. It is not only you who feels unsafe by getting closer. Remember, you are the guest here in their space. They will also love some freedom, as all we do. Make sure to keep that distance between the boat and the whale.

Cost Of Whale Watching Mirissa Srilanka4 What is the Cost of Whale Watching Mirissa, Sri Lanka

If your boat rider keeps getting closer for a greater look, feel free to ask him to keep some distance. Once you got into the range, the boat engine can be shut down to make it less noisy. And please make sure to bring back everything you carry. Do not throw anything you carry into the ocean. It is our responsibility to keep it clean.

If this is your first sea trip, it may not be that fun for you as you think. Because of the hard waves, you will feel uncomfortable when boat slides. Even vomit. There are some tablets you can get before you get into the boat. Anyway, we are not going to recommend any as it is not our area of expertise. It will be better to get help from a doctor. I just want to let you know that there are some treatments that can make you ready.

The breakfast should be provided by the company to avoid the seasick. We do recommend not having your breakfast from an outer location which can increase the chances of seasick

When can you see whales in Sri Lanka (Season)?

The Best season for a whale watching tour will be November to March in Mirissa Sri Lanka.

What is the best time of the day to go whale watching?

The best time for whale watching is the morning hours. The waves are not rough, and there is less wind in the morning. Because of this, most whale watching tours start early in the morning around 6.00 am. In the afternoon the waves are rough, and we do not recommend starting your tour by this time as it will be harder for you

How long Does it take for a Mirissa whale watching?

Most of the tours last for 4-5 hours, depending on the company your hire.

Other places where you can find whales in Sri Lanka

Other than the Marissa, Trincomalee, and Kalpitiya are the other places that are popular for the whale watching tours in Sri Lanka. In Trinco, November to April is the best season, and in Kalipitiya, it is from October to March. These are great places to see whales anyhow you have a better chance in Mirissa. It is the most famous place.

What Types of whales are in Mirissa

Cost Of Whale Watching Mirissa Srilanka2 1 What is the Cost of Whale Watching Mirissa, Sri Lanka

You can find 26 species of whales in the Sri Lankan Ocean. Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean you can find all of them in a day/tour. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to spot a blue whale, which is the largest specie in the world. Here are a few species that you can find

  • Blue Whale
  • Humpback Whale
  • Fin Whale
  • Killer Whale
  • Minke Whale
  • Sperm Whale
  • Melon-headed whale

Can you swim with a whale in Mirissa?

Few companies offer this, but we do not recommend doing this at any term. It can be harmful, and there is always a high risk.

Is it guaranteed to spot a whale in Mirissa

It is almost guaranteed to spot a large blue whale in your Mirssa whale watching tour. Expect from whales there is a chance you can spot turtles and dolphins too. But no, it is not 100% guaranteed. Common those are animals; you cannot control their routine.

Getting into Mirissa

If you already have a travel agent with a private vehicle, it will only take 3 hours to reach Mirissa from Katunayake international airport. Anyway, if you choose to go by train, it will take around 4-5 hours, and it will take way longer if you want to go by bus. We highly recommend avoiding Sri Lankan busses as much as you can unless there is no other option.

What to wear in your whale watching tour

The climate in Sri Lanka is hot, and the temperature will be a little high in the ocean than in the land. There are no strict rules on what to wear, but we do recommend wearing shorts, and a T. It will always be good to have a pair of sunglasses. Make sure to carry your binocular if you own a one. And make sure to have sun cream applied before you leave as bright sunlight in the ocean can be harmful to your skin.

The life jackets will be provided to you by the company and make sure to wear it from the start to the end.

Weather in Mirissa

The temperature in Mirissa can be a little hot & shiny. It will be around 28-35°C in the daytime. There is always a chance for a little rain in Sri Lanka as it is a tropical island.

Remember those weather cast apps are not accurate in Sri Lanka as it is supposed to be in some Europe countries.

Summary – Whale watching in Mirissa is pretty much budget-friendly, and you almost have a guarantee of spotting whales. It will be rude to skip this from your Sri Lankan tour.

Other things/places visit in Mirissa

Cost Of Whale Watching Mirissa Srilanka5 What is the Cost of Whale Watching Mirissa, Sri Lanka
  • Mirissa Beach: As almost every beach in down south Sri Lanka, Mirissa beach is a great place to relax. Have a fresh young coconut while enjoying the sunset and the sea view will be great as it sounds :).
  • Parrot Rock: Even though you have to walk through a little rough walk, it is worth to have a look in this small island
  • Coconut tree hil : The famous Instagram treasury. Your trip to Marissa will not be completed without this awesome location with a great view. A little high mountain surrounded by the sea and the coconut trees. It is the perfect spot for your Instagram. If you are interested in traveling and active on Instagram, there is no way you haven’t seen this before. It is impossible
  • Surfing: Marissa is not the best spot to surf in Sri Lanka. Anyway, you can still have great fun around. Just because it is not best, it doesn’t mean it is bad. Just other places are way better.


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